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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your minimum per job?
    Our minimum per job is $1,000 per job visit ( That includes new install & Hydroseeding). Drainage solutions our minimum is $1500.00 Silt fence installation, repairs & maintenance is $1000 per jobsite visit.
  • Do you have a fee for estimates?
    Yes! Your time is as valuable as ours. We charge $100.00 per estimate. However, if we do the work that money applies towards the total of the bill.
  • Where can I send drawings for a take-off?
    If you would like us to do a take-off for you please send your drawings to
  • What type of services do you guys provide?
    Our trained staff is able to take on any job regardless of the job size from Hydroseeding, Erosion Control, Or Drainage. Also, If you have a special request please call us to talk further.
  • Is your company Certified & Insured?
    Yes, Atlanta Erosion Company is insured & certified with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission for installation of erosion control products and practices including the following: HydroSeeding , Temporary and Permanent Seeding, Bonded Fiber Matrix, Erosion Control Blanketing & Fiber Rolls Silt Fencing, Rip Rap, Slope Stabilization, Drainage and much more.
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